CMACS Kickoff Meeting Agenda
Oct. 31 & Nov. 1, 2009


Saturday, Oct. 31
8:30 Opening Remarks: Ed Clarke (CMU)
8:45 Keynote Speaker: Michael Lotze (Pitt),
When Systems Go Awry: The Problem of Pancreatic Cancer
9:30 Coffee Break
  Technical Session: Model Checking and Abstract Interpretation
10:30 Ed Clarke (CMU), Statistical Model Checking with Applications to Systems Biology
11:00 Patrick Cousot (NYU), Scaling Up in Static Verification by Abstract Interpretation
11:30 Tongtong Wu (U. Maryland), Variable Selection for High-Dimensional Data with Spatial-Temporal Effects and Extensions to Multitask Regression and Multicategory Classification
12:00 Lunch
  Challenge Problem I Session: Pancreatic Cancer
1:00 Keynote Speaker: Yoram Vodovotz (Pitt), Translational Systems Biology of Inflammation, Wound Healing, and Cancer
1:45 Jim Faeder (Pitt), Navigating the Subway Map of Cell Signaling
2:15 Bud Mishra (NYU), Computational Biology of Cancer
3:15 Coffee Break
  Challenge Problem II Session: Atrial Fibrillation
3:30 Robert Gilmour (Cornell), Atrial Fibrillation: An Overview
4:00 Flavio Fenton (Cornell), Atrial Fibrillation: Modeling Overview
4:30 Scott Smolka (Stony Brook), Model Checking Emergent Behavior in Networks of Cardiac Myocytes: A Spatial Approach
5:00 Discussion Session
6:00 Day 1 Ends
Sunday, Nov. 1
8:45 Keynote Speaker: John Doyle (Caltech), The Architecture of Robust, Evolvable Networks
  Challenge Problem III Session: Automotive & Aerospace
9:30 Rance Cleaveland (U. Maryland), Requirements Extraction from Models of Automotive Software
10:00 Steve Marcus (U. Maryland), Control of Stochastic Hybrid Systems: Switching Diffusions
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Patrick Cousot (NYU), Challenges in Control/Command Software Analysis
11:30 Andre Platzer (CMU), Differential Invariants for Collision Avoidance
12:00 Lunch and Discussion Session
Education and Outreach Session
1:00 Nancy Griffeth (Lehman), Jim Faeder (Pitt), Chris Langmead (CMU), Lehman Intersession Workshop on Modeling Complex Systems
2:00 Nancy Griffeth (Lehman), Scott Smolka (Stony Brook) New Curricula in CSSE, BSSE, and ESSE
3:00 Day 2 Ends

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