Contact Us

Main CMACS email address:
cmacs-nsf at cs.cmu.edu

Edmund M. Clarke
Director, CMACS
Phone: 412-268-2628
Email:    emc at cs.cmu.edu

Scott A. Smolka
Deputy Director, CMACS @ Stony Brook University
Phone: 631-632-8453
Email:    sas at cs.stonybrook.edu

Rance Cleaveland
Deputy Director, CMACS @ University of Maryland
Phone: 301-405-8572
Email:    rance at cs.umd.edu

Sicun Gao
Technical Coordinator, CMACS
Phone: 412-268-9873
Email:    sicun.gao at cs.cmu.edu

Charlotte Yano
Administrative Assistant and Administrative Coordinator, CMACS
Phone: 412-268-7660
Email:    yano at cs.cmu.edu

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