Static Analysis with Goanna - Using model checking to analyze large code bases. PDF slides
Ansgar Fehnker
National Information and Communications Technology in Australia

10/22/10, 2 PM, GHC-6501


Goanna is a source code analysis tool that uses a combination of static analysis tools and model checking to analyze C/C++ code bases. In this talk I will introduce the concept of syntactic model checking that lies at the heart of Goanna. In it a very coarse abstraction of the source code is annotated with syntactic information which allows to model check many traditional static analysis properties. Furthermore I will discuss ongoing work on model checking for recursive Kripke Structures, a technique that can be used to check source code inter-procedurally.


Ansgar Fehnker is senior researcher at National ICT Australia. He is currently involved in two research projects, one that combines static analysis and model checking and applies this to C/C++ source code, and one that look as timed and probabilistic verification techniques, and then applied to wireless mesh networks.

 Ansgar Fehnker holds a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Nijmegen in the field of verification of timed and hybrid systems. He was a visiting researcher with ECE and CS at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, before he joined NICTA in 2004.

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