CMACS PI Review Meeting at NYU

October 28-29, 2010
New York University

Thursday Oct. 28,
NYU, 251 Mercer Street, Warren Weaver Hall, Room# 1302
9:15 "Signaling in Cancer"
Vivek Mittal (Weill Cornell Medical College)
10:15 Coffee Break
10:30 "Models Wanted!"
Bud Mishra (NYU)
11:10 "Using Goalie to Discover Kripke Models of Biological Processes"
Marco Antoniotti (U. Milano Bicocca)
11:30 "Multicategory Vertex Discriminant Analysis for High-Dimensional Cancer Data"
Tongtong Wu (U. Maryland)
12:00 Lunch
1:30 "Pancreatic Cancer Research"
Haijun Gong (CMU)
2:00 "Recent Advances in Far-Field Defibrillation"
Flavio Fenton and Robert Gilmour (Cornell)
2:30 "Multi-Affine Cardiac Cell Models"
Ezio Bartocci (Stony Brook University)
3:00 Coffee Break
3:30 "A Computer Science Approach to Interface-Dominated Fluid Dynamics"
James Glimm (Stony Brook University)
4:00 "The Cayley-Hamilton Theorem for Finite Automata"
Radu Grosu (Stony Brook University)
4:30 Bio Panel Discussion (Jim Faeder panel leader)
5:15 Year 2 Planning Panel Discussion (Ed Clarke panel leader)
Friday Oct. 29
NYU, 251 Mercer Street, Warren Weaver Hall, Room# 101
9:00 "Termination: Foundations using Abstract Interpretation" and
"The Reduced Product of Abstract Domains and the Combination of Decision Procedures"
Patrick Cousot (NYU)
9:30 "An Abstract Interpretation-Based Framework for Verification and Static Analysis of Probabilistic Programs"
Michael Monerau (with Patrick Cousot), NYU
10:00 "Abstraction of Polynomial Dynamical Systems"
Colas Leguernic (NYU)
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 "Logical Modeling of Peripheral T Cell Differentiation"
James Faeder (University of Pittsburgh)
11:30 "Statistical Model Checking"
Paolo Zuliani (CMU)
12:00 Lunch
1:00 "Logic for Distributed Hybrid Systems"
Andre Platzer (CMU)
1:30 "Intersession Workshop on Atrial Fibrillation"
Nancy Griffeth (Lehman College, CUNY)
2:00 "New Automotive Project with Toyota"
Bruce Krogh (with Andre Platzer), CMU
2:30 Coffee Break
3:00 Auto/Aero Panel Discussion (Bruce Krogh - panel leader)
4:00 End of Day 2

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