CMACS/ARiSE Workshop

The main goal of this workshop is to strengthen the cooperation between the US-CMACS and Austrian-ARiSE research groups. The PIs in the ARiSE group have all spent a considerable amount of their professional career in the US and have deep connections with US research.

September 14, 2012.


Friday, September 14, 2012
8:45 Computable Real Numbers and Why They Are Still Important Today
Ed Clarke, CMU
9:30 Rule-Based Modeling of Biochemical Signaling
James Faeder, Pitt
10:00 The Human Heart An Ultimate Cyber-Physical System
Radu Grosu (CMACS, TU Wien, Austria)

Coffee Break

10:45 Model-based testing for fun and profit
Rance Cleaveland (CMACS, University of Maryland, USA)
11:15 Delta-Complete Reachability Analysis
Sicun Gao (CMACS, CMU, USA)
11:45 Lunch

Quantitative Reactive Modeling
Thomas A. Henzinger (ARiSE IST, Austria)

2:00 Verification of Distributed Algorithms
Helmut Veith (ARiSE, TU Wien, Austria)
2:30 Parameterized Synthesis
Roderick Bloem (ARiSE, Graz University, Austria)
3:00 Labelled Interpolation Systems
Georg Weissenbacher (ARiSE, TU Wien, Austria)
3:30 Break
3:45 Computer Augmented Program Engineering
Rajeev Alur (ExCAPE, UPenn, USA)
4:30 Abstractions for liveness
Patrick Cousot (CMACS, NYU, USA)
5:00 Round Table: Helen Gill (NSF), Mitra Basu (NSF), Nina Amla (NSF), Christoph Kratky (FWF), and Scott A. Smolka (CMACS, SUNY SB, USA)
6:30 Dinner

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