CMACS Virtual PI Meeting

The Spring 2012 CMACS Virtual PI Meeting will take place via Webex on two consecutive Friday afternoons: April 20 and 27, 2012.

Friday, April 20, 2012
1:15 Opening Remarks
Ed Clarke, CMU
1:25 Report on 2012 Systems Biology Formal Methods Workshop
Patrick Cousot, NYU, and James Faeder, Pitt
1:30 Timing Matters in T Cell Differentiation
Natasa Miskov-Zivanov
2:00 Bisimulation-Based Abstraction of Sodium-Channel Dynamics
in Cardiac-Cell Models

Abhishek Murthy and Ariful Islam, Stony Brook University
2:30 Break
2:45 Abstract Model Repair
George Chatzieleftheriou, Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki,
3:15 Speeding up the Analysis of Complex Software Systems with
New Parallel Model Checking Algorithms

Gerard Holzmann, NASA JPL

Towards Efficient and Expressive Runtime Monitors
Klaus Havelund, NASA JPL

Friday, April 27, 2012
1:00 The Complete Proof Theory of Hybrid Systems
Andre Platzer, CMU
1:30 Using Automated Reasoning Tools for Controller Synthesis
Nikos Arechiga, CMU
2:00 Delta-Complete Reachability Analysis
Sicun Gao, CMU
2:30 Break
2:45 Model-Based Verification of Automotive Controllers
Rance Cleaveland
3:15 Simulations of Complex Systems using WebGL and HTML5: Exploiting Your Computer's GPUs for Real-Time and Platform-Independent Interactive Calculations
Flavio Fenton, Cornell University
3:45 Break
4:00 Report on 2012 Lehman Workshop
Nancy Griffeth, Lehman College, CUNY
4:30 ExCAPE: Expeditions in Computer-Augmented Program Engineering
Rajeev Alur, University of Pennsylvania
5:00 Closing Remarks and Discussion
Moderators: Rance Cleaveland and Scott Smolka
5:15 End of Meeting

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